2024 Board of Directors

Tyler Metheral

*2nd Vice President
Kent Fisher

*Flavours of Fall Committee
Marla Holdstock

*Rodeo Committee
Jeremy Wig

*Cattle Committee 
Mike & Carla Fellner

*Social Media / Advertising 
Brandie Fisher

*Grounds Committee 
Tyler Metheral

Melissa Carson

*4-H Beef 
Bev Gordon

*4-H Light Horse
Jodie Long

*AG Safety Education
Stacey Kosior

Kelley Neiszner

*RM of Weyburn Rep
Mike Bell

*City of Weyburn Rep
Mel Van Betuw

*Volunteer Coordinator/Recruiter
Brittany Stepp

*Junior Director 
Hayden Pulfer

*Junior Director
Nikola Erasmus

*Entertainment Committee
Melissa Carson & Caroline Erasmus

*Office Manager
Jamey Sali