Facilities/ Rentals

Our Facilities

***Contracts Valid with bookings until Oct 15, 2024. 2025 Contracts will be posted soon.***

Exhibition Hall

This hall is great for weddings, tradeshows, cabarets and many more. 

Big Barn &
Souris Valley Industries
Show & Sale Arena

This Building is home to our 4-H  days with our Souris Valley Industries Show & Sale Arena located inside.


This arena is home of our Souris River Rodeo. It is also rented out to riding groups, jackpots and so much more.

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Cold Storage

We have an option for cold storage during the winter months. 

Forge & Anvil

This building located by the grandstand and arena is where we host our beverage gardens during events.

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Located in the Exhibition Hall in the upper level.


Weyburn Ag Society Grounds

A list of everything we currently rent out.

Demo Derby

Rules and Signup

Lawnmower Races

Rules and Signup

Vendor Contracts

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